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Rubik’s Cube

When Aba was a kid, Rubik’s Cube was all the rage. 

Now, Aba finally gets a chance to relive the old days. (RM22.90 at Toy’s ‘R’ Us). 

… and solve the puzzles at previously undreamed of speeds!! 

— side note —

Aba is inspired by May’s interest in mazes and puzzles to take up Rubik’s again – next stop, the 4×4 cube and finally, the 5×5. 

For Ama

Ama likes thrillers – legal, mystery, action… favourite authors include John Grisham, Dan Brown… etc. 

Two new books by two of Ama’s favourite had just become available at the local bookstore, so Aba bought them! 

They are the newest Jack Reacher and John Rain novels. 

Ama’s MOST favourite – Jack Reacher, is the formulaic western story of a stranger coming into a town in trouble and solving the problem by dealing with it flair, ingenuity and of course, extreme prejudice.  

He has a knack for finding trouble, but he never back down. ‘Not now, not ever’. 

Ama is super happy!!