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Children’s Day 2010

Ama woke up 5am to make treats for Children’s Day at the Kid’s schools, because of worry that they could not be completed in time if started later.

Ended up taking only 1/2 hour!

Children happy!

For the Twins’ school

For May’s school – done last Friday


So Ama was taking the Twins to school in the ‘old’ car.

Upon arrival, Ama discovered that the inside handle for opening the driver’s door was ‘stuck’.

After some time struggling to open the door, Jern started grumbling.

Ama: Quiet! Can’t you see I’m busy!

After a moment, Jern finally could not keep it in anymore; suggesting softly: Why don’t you roll down the window and open the door from outside? Or go out the passenger side?

Ama so engrossed with door that it hadn’t occurred to her!

Stunned by Jern’s quick wits.