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very picky aba

Aba’s favourite curry chicken & rice (Japanese style), cooked by Ama today. The only (so far) dish by Ama that can be considered ‘edible’ by humans (other than baby food). 

Aba like!!

Apple Soup

烟霾, 害媄子和善仔这一阵子都咳个不停. 该阻止(户外游戏)他们做的,都阻止了; 该让(喝多点水)他们做的, 也都做了但情况就是没有完全改变. 跟黄外婆谈起, 她说: “买几粒红苹果, 去掉皮, 去掉种子, 加少许牛油, slow cooker 中火煮隔夜让孩子们喝就行了, 你也是这样喝大的…” ( huh我怎么记得?!?! 况且我那个时候也有烟霾吗?). 

结果?? 真的很有效哦. :-p