Monthly Archives: October 2006


BLOOD on the lounge floor!! 

Upon discovery, a frantic search of all family member’s feet was conducted. It was much later that Ama found out that Sarn had cut his pinky and bled on parts of his shirts as well 🙁 ! 


Sarn had cried earlier but no one realized that he had been hurt. When it was known, he was confused about the fuss. For a moment, he tried to decide which hand was injured, then stretched out the right pinky to be kissed – SO CUTE.

A long, long time ago… in 2001 actually 😛 , Aba and Ama tried one of those arcade machines that took a photo of couples and then came up with a hybrid picture of what their child (of ± 10 years) would look like:- 

So, does it look like Jern, Sarn or May??