Monthly Archives: March 2007

Swollen Eye

May rubbed her eye so hard that it became swollen!

Aba and Ama panicked, and rushed to nearby ENT clinic, but it was closed. Then, the Family went to the kid’s children clinic, but it was also not open.  

Finally, the Family just went to a general clinic, and got some eye drops. By then the swelling had subsided slightly already. 

Because of this, the Family was late for a friend’s steamboat party.

It was more a post wedding dinner, but had special significance – Aba and Ama were the ones who introduced the bride and groom. 

The night ended with Karaoke and the Kids running riot in the living room despite May’s still swollen eye. 


Jern once bit another baby at the airport, causing the father of that baby to demand that Ama slap Jern. 

Today, Jern, in the guise of a lion*, bit Sarn, IN THE FACE, causing Ama to slap Jern! 



* Ama bought matching hats for Lion, Tiger and Deer (the kids picked their own animals!).  

For the rest of the day, the Lion and Tiger tried to eat the Deer 

May (tiger) kept telling the Deer (Sarn) that Lion and Tiger are Man-eaters and were going to eat the Deer. So cute!