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Family Trip: Singapore 2007 (Part II)

The Family woke up early (8am) and sauntered to the ‘Pig Out’ (the Hotel’s only restaurant) for the complimentary breakfast (toast, sausages and fruit). 

And then it was off to Sentosa Island! 

Driving there required a little map checking, but it took less than ½ hours before we were crossing the Sentosa Gateway Bridge. 

The Family decided not to take the cable car across the sea in order to be able to leave after the cable cars stopped operations – just in case. 

After parking the car at the Beach Parking (once again using the ubiquitous Autopass), we emerged into the Sentosa Express Beach Station, where we conveniently bought tickets for the evening show, ‘Songs of the Sea’. 

It was still early, so we made our way to Dolphin Lagoon for the dolphin water show – but we just missed it! 

En route we passed Pahlawan Beach, where early swimmers/ bathers/ beach volley ball players/ treasure hunting gamers/ group tourists/ plain exhibitionists had already started to gather. 

Fat, thin or ugly, all females were in bikinis, and most of the gwailos displayed their impressive beer guts. Scary! 

As the next dolphin show would only come on at 1:30, the Family took a tram to Underwater World (similar to our Aquaria at KLCC, but bigger), where the Kids Oozed and Wowed at all manner of fish, and especially the sharks and jelly fishes. 

Lunch was a simple meal of chicken rice and fried seafood (S$21!!!) 

We got back to Dolphin Lagoon to catch the 3:30pm show, but it was delayed… and it was SUPER HOT!

Waited for 1 ½ hours cuz we were early, but the Kids had fun playing with sand there. Jern got so dirty Ama had to force shower him at one of the fountain baths. 

The show itself was not so impressing as dolphin shows went – there were the usual jumping dolphin and ball tricks – but the dolphins themselves were rare PINK dolphins (apparently the only ones on show in the world, if you believe the brochure). 

After that, the Twins had a little nap on their strollers while we walked around.

While strolling, we stumbled onto another Sentosa attraction. 

We met a lady with a parrot who invited us to take photos and later directed us to the Animals Show – there was an eagle, a dog, parrots, a giant yellow snake, a monkey, and a hawk… all in all, slightly more entertaining than the dolphins. 

We then made our way to the Merlion for photos, by tram. 

We didn’t go inside the Merlion, but merely took photos outside. There was a long elaborate fountain-cum-mosaic-art along the Merlion Walk (much to the delight of the Kids). 

The Imbiah Lookout was nearby, but we didn’t take part; neither did we try the Skyride (dangerous?) nor the Sky Tower (since we already tried the similar DHL Balloon). 

Finally, it was almost the time for the star attraction of Sentosa – the Songs of the Sea show (S$31 million to build and designed by world-renowned Yvnes Pepin, only just opened April 2007). 

But first, the Family had a quick dinner at the nearby Tastes of Singapore 

Aba tried the Tastes of Singapore dish (S$18.50!!) which had tiny portions of the following: Satay (2 sticks), curry laksa (small cup), chilli soft-shell crab (half a small specimen) and flavoured rice… L 

And then the show… 

Yes, it was impressive. Live drama, elaborate stage (village huts on stilts above the sea as just the background! With groovy light and fog!), full musical fountain with laser imaging, flame plumes (ala Las Vegas) and loads of fireworks! And with music! 

But Alas! The Kids were SCARED TO DEATH by the ‘noise’ and fireworks, so we had to… <sob>… leave. 

Aba did manage to glimpse a little from outside, though. It was definitely worth S$6!! (per adult), especially compared with the Dolphin show + Underwater World = S$19.50!! 

Before we left, the Family bought souvenirs!    
   Twins – Songs of the Sea Hats    
   May – Songs of the Sea Shades
   Ama – Songs of the Sea keychain
   Aba – Sentosa Super Flat, small & light foldable umbrella 

It was about 11pm when the Family got back to the Hotel.  

Aba bought himself a big can (500ml) of Baron’s Strong Brew (8.8 alcohol) beer from the nearby Cold Storage to go with the life snacks and chocolate (brought from home) later that night, nice. 

Family Trip: Singapore 2007 (Part I)

The Family set out at around 8:00am on the 29th. 

The highway was being repaired along the Negeri Sembilan and Malacca stretch, causing a slowdown.

The Family took brunch at the Restaurant Jejantas in Malacca (A&W). 

The Tuas 2nd Link was used to cross into Singapore – the whole journey took about 5 hours including stops.  

No problems at all at the immigration, but getting the Autopass for the car took a bit of time. 

Around 2pm, we reached the Hangout @ Mt Emily no-frills hotel. 

The room was moderately big with air-conditioning and bath – but NO MINIBAR. There was one queen-sized bed, one single bed and a sofa bed – so the Family was set for the night when it came. 

After stowing our stuff, the Family went out by foot for a simple Chinese Roasted Meats Noodles and Rice nearby. 

And then it was another 15 minutes walk to the Bugis MRT Station, where the DHL Balloon was located!! (Singapore‘s first helium balloon ride). 

The Kids had a good SCARE when the DHL Balloon was going up (especially May)! They soon clamed down to enjoy it though.

Also passed through the Bugis Street, the largest Street-Shopping location in Singapore. 

In the evening, the original plan to go to the Night Safari was scrapped due to rain. 

Instead we jammed all the way to Ngee Ann City mall, got parking there (not easy), and had a hackled time at Kinokuniya and Takashimaya. 

Scrambled to look for a 7-11 (just outside the Mall) to load-up our Autopass card, which was used for parking. 

Got back to the hotel at midnight!! 

Took more time to get the Kids prepped for bed, and everyone fell asleep from exhaustion soon after.