Monthly Archives: June 2007

Are you Hakka too?

Today, the Family had a (somewhat) traditional Hakka dinner: Steamed Minced Pork & Pickles, Stir-fried Mackerel with Capsicum, Ginger, Onion & Soya Sauce, Fried Spring Rolls, Omelette with Chinese Sausages & Chinese Cucumber Soup (with rice)! 

Seeing that the Family was about as Hakka as you can get (with a touch of Cantonese), this was LONG overdue… 

Except that the meal was NOT prepared by Ama… 😉 

But made at the No MSG, Low Salt & Oil Hakka Restaurant at the Curve! 



整个晚上媄都 黏黏善 黏黏善后酱来叫善 

由于媄很喜欢乱取名. 比如说, 真如果当天吃面包, 媄就会叫他 面包真’; 如果当天媄绑马尾, 她会叫自己 马媄’…  

Ama想来想去都想不出 黏黏善来源, 于是就问媄为什么酱来叫善的? 善到底又做了些什么她要叫善作 黏黏善’?!  

结果媄说, ‘谁叫他一直着我! 我去那里他就去那里! 好像鱼缸里那些一直黏在墙壁上的鱼酱! 所以我就叫他 黏黏善’. @@