Monthly Archives: July 2007

MEGA Exsanguination! (大出血)

It was supposed to be yet another window shopping expedition for the Family, in expectation of moving to the new house. 

After spotting the ‘special offer’ sofa bed at Ikea the other day, Aba was on the lookout for something better (or cheaper). Coz Ama had been grumbling about the RM1600 price tag. 

So the Family went to the Furniture Mall at side of the Seremban Highway 

After a little walking around, Aba found a nice sofa bed for RM1200, but Ama was still unhappy with the price. 

And then… There it was! A BRIGHT ORANGE sofa bed. The mechanism was BETTER than the Ikea version (in Aba’s way opinion)… and cost only RM399! (As advertised in the papers, apparently). 

Aba put down his money then and there! 

Next the Family went to Little World near Mid Valley… the Kids Furniture specialty shop. 

There were loads of cute beds, wardrobes, chairs etc… with matching kiddy theme! The Kids all went gaga… and so did Ama! 

After grumbling about Aba’s soda bed being too expensive since the Ikea outing… Ama went ‘konkers’ and bought RMxxxx worth of kiddy stiff for the Kid’s room!!! (It ALSO has a BRIGHT ORANGE theme!) 

Aba: Aaaaaaarghhh!!!
Kids: Yah! Yah! Yah! 

Anyway, the new bed and furniture sets will be delivered after the new house is ready. 

After that the Family went to nearby Megamall for dinner. 

There was an Ever Home shop there with more kid’s furniture. But Ama had already bought what was needed (too bad). 

As there was a Modern Home and Living Fair going on at Megamall, the Family went for a look. There were tons of stalls and desperate salespeople on the LAST day of the expo… all trying to sell something. 

Aba and Ama was too confused and worn out by the end that they almost bought what was essentially 3 electrical sockets for more > RM1000!! 

But it was not the end of the day’s madness. 

On the way to the carpark, Aba passed on an Ogawa shop and saw… the X-Chair – ultimate gaming and massage chair!! (It’s BRIGHT ORANGE too). 

As revenge for Ama’s grumbling and CRAZY shopping spree, Aba took up the promotion offer (RM300 off) and ALSO got a free handheld massager (RM109).  

Cake Cutting Ceremony… as promised

The Family was at Ikea and The Curve, window shopping for the new house. 

In the evening, May was bugging Aba and Ama to go home (?). 

Apparently, she remembered Ama telling her that Aba and Ama’s birthday will be celebrated (together) with CAKE on Saturday. 

And so Ama bought a coffee-choco cake on the way back, and The Family had a cake-cutting ceremony!