Monthly Archives: October 2007

Train Ride (again)

Thanks to the ‘efficiency’ of the insurance company, Ama’s car is still at the workshop. 

So it was the trains again for this week’s visit to Apo’s. 

The Kids were as happy as the last time on the trip. Ama, on the other hand, is starting to develop of ‘Train Ride’ phobia… 

080_.gif 080 image by onionethan

At Apo’s, Ama told Apo about the Twins’ chores training. 

Apo quickly bought a ‘cleaning equipment’ toy set for the Kids, to encourage them. Set included a miniature mop, broom, scooper etc. 

The Kids spent the day happily ‘cleaning’ Apo’s house! 

— additional note — 

Another baby (girl) was born to Ama’s relative. May and Apo ‘sneaked out’ of the house to visit her. 

P.S. the pre-mature baby has been discharged from the hospital on last Wednesday. 

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