Monthly Archives: December 2007

Kite Flying

After being in the house for a few days because of the flu, Ama and the Kids went out for a little exercise. 

Went to the field to watch people fly kites, but ended buying one, and trying it out. 

At first the kite kept falling down, and the Kids happily rushed to retrieve it. 

But after a while, Ama got the hang of it and got it stay up. The Kids weren’t happy: Ama, why doesn’t the kite come down? (so that we can go retrieve it?) 

075_.gif 075 image by onionethan

Ama also let the Kids pull the strings a bit, and they thought that they could fly kites themselves! 

053_XD.gif 053 image by onionethan

Twins Learning

The Twins used to ‘clean up’ by putting away their toys one at a time. 

Nowadays, the Twins have become ‘efficient’ at picking up their toys and putting them away, after they are finished playing. 

They’ll hang a bag around the neck and put the toys on the floor into the bag until it was full, before transferring them into their respective boxes. 

054_.gif 054 image by onionethan