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Sorry, May!

After consultation with a Chinese ‘date setter’, the Family is planning to officially move into the new house this Thursday (being an ‘auspicious day’ for moving). 

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The extension work has only just finished, and the metal grilling was installed yesterday. 

Went on a mad shopping scramble to meet the deadline today. 

Bought the remaining lamps/lighting (from Maruzen) for installation, tomorrow. 

Went to Ikea to get some curtains and also electrical appliances from Harvey Norman (water heaters and induction cooker hob). 

Movers will come on Tuesday. 

Kitchen cabinet consultants (Ikea) coming tomorrow. 

Sofas and tables (Cavenzi – cheap!) arriving on Friday, as well as the ventilating machine. 

Kid’s beds + wardrobe + table + cabinet set coming on Saturday Etc. etc. 

Will be crazy busy for the week… 

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And the Family forgot to celebrate May’s birthday today!! 

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May’s Birthday Party 2008

Previously, May used to have her birthday party at McDonalds. 

Since she started school, this is her 1st time party at the kindergarten! 

One week earlier, Ama and May had started preparing ‘party packs’ for the classmates who would be attending the party. 

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It took 2 days to prepare the cupcakes for the Kids and the Family. 

Since the Family’s toaster-oven would take too long to bake 40 cupcake.

Ama got the people at the cake shop to bake them. Then Ama did the decorations and toppings! 

Had to wake up super early this morning to put in Koko Krunch ‘ears’ and chocolate chips ‘eyes’ to avoid them getting soggy. 

The cakes are supposed to be mouse faces – Year of the Rat maaa (can tell or not?) 

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Unfortunately, parents not allowed at the party. 

May and kids had great time at party.