Monthly Archives: March 2008


For days, the Kids have been bugging Ama…

So on the way back fetching May from school, Ama bought a giant durian for the Kids at a roadside stall – it’s their favourite fruit.

Not even waiting to get into the house, Ama had to open up the fruit at the front porch.

P.S. Aba doesn’t like durians.
P.P.S. The durian weighted a massive 5 kgs and cost RM50! – way above Ama’s expectation.

Breastfeeding Interview

Ama (with Kids) and 3 other mommies from were invited by Feminine magazine (风采 to tea at a restaurant at Jusco Maluri, for an interview on breastfeeding. (NOTE: only Ama has finished with breastfeeding among the 4 mommies). 

Aba also followed, for photo session.  

Read the article in the coming magazine… issue no. to be announced. 

Afterwards, the Family adjourned to the ‘famous’ fish head noodle shop at Kuchai Lama for dinner.