Monthly Archives: July 2008


After 5 months of watering twice a day and surveying enthusiastically, the Kid’s sunflower plant had finally bloomed!!

To protect it, they forbade the neighbour’s kids and eve each other from going too close to it…

Very excited!

Milestone: 12.07.2008

Aba and Ama had to attend a wedding dinner.

For the 1st time, Apo was called in to look after the Kids while Aba and Ama were out.

Unfortunately, Apo had to go for a ‘house-warming’ party (BIG house).

Apo was going to forgo going to the ‘house-warming’ to look after the Kids at the Residence.

In the end, she took them to the party instead!

Aba and Ama’s wedding dinner lasted until midnight.

Strangely, Apo hadn’t called!

Ama found out that they had gone back to Apo’s and was going to bed!

Today, Aba and Ama went to fetch the Kids back.

It was the 1st time that all 3 had slept through the night without Ama. And the Kids didn’t even scream for Ama all night.