Monthly Archives: August 2008

Busy School Holidays

The 1st outing of the School Holidays: Went to the National Library.

The Kids visited the children’s section (and got to ‘flash’ their membership card, with micro chip!)

Borrowed one book each for reading at home.

Brought the Kids to KLCC. Got there by LRT.

Watched Wall-E at TGV.

For the whole of that day, the Kids went ‘Wall-E’ ‘Wall-E’ ‘Wall-E’…

Ama had also bought them a Wall-E watch each (come free with popcorn).

Weekly visit to Apo’s,

Bought the Kids to the wet market to buy groceries, and had a ‘yum cha’ session there.

Ama and the Kids went to the National Zoo with the neighbour and her 3 children.

The Kids were super excited, as they had been anticipating this since the week before.

Unfortunately, it was raining in the morning.

Ama bought every one an umbrella. Because of the rain, the pony/elephant rides were cancelled. Kids disappointed.

In the afternoon, the rain stopped. Got to watch an animal show before coming back.

When Aba came back from work, the Kids couldn’t wait to tell him about how they fed the elephants and the deers.

They also said how they were very brave to see the snakes – not afraid because the reptiles were in a cage.

Ama and the Kids spent the day at home making popiah and ‘cheese bread’.

The Kids were mainly in charge of the vegetables.

Took the Kids on the KL Hop On & Hop Off – it’s a ride around KL on a double decker bus, through 22 stations.

Got off at the Kompleks Kebudayaan to ‘paint batik’. It started raining after that.

So Ama and the Kids took the double decker back to KLCC, missing the King’s Istana.

For the whole day after that, the Kids insisted on wearing the batik cloth hanging from the waist.

Ama helped out a friend at the Anggugu booth at Megamall the whole day.

Aba took care of the Kids in the morning and sent them to Apo’s in the afternoon.

Aba went to fetch Ama back to Apo’s, where everyone got to watch the Beijing Olympics 2008 closing ceremony on Astro.

P/S: The Kid’s favourite mascot is ‘Huan Huan’.

The Kids Being Creative?

As May didn’t know how to spell her brother’s name, but knowing that both had the same surname and middle name as her (in Chinese), she came up with this phonetic approximation of Sarn’s name:-

Jern made use of Ama’s laundry ‘wet bag’ to make a cap.

Sarn is a formula one driver!