Monthly Archives: September 2008

Cosplay Sarn IV

While waiting to get into the Ikea playground, Sarn found a wooden box to use as a ‘boat’, and turned himself into a Pirate of the Caribbean!

After watching The Chronicles of Narnia, Sarm turned a household item into a Bow to practice archery!

Mid Autumn Festival

So the Family was at May’s kindy by 5pm for the Mid Autumn Festival event.

After the Kids had some fun at the slides and playground, dinner was served, buffet style. Many families had brought all kinds of foods, so there was no lack in quality or quantity. (The Headmaster made a speech just before the dinner).

Then the children were treated to a story telling by Teacher Wong. It was the one about the guy who shot down 9 suns and became emperor…

May and the kindy pupils then did a ‘Moon is Round’ dance, before another dance that parents were also invited to join.

After that, the Family proceeded to the Lantern Making competition that Ama decided to enter at the last minute.

Out of the paper and plastic bits and pieces, the Family made a Jellyfish-y Lantern

And… was actually one of the 3 winners! (out of 15). Received a hamper as prize

And then it was the lantern procession… and May, and all the other kindy children and parents, with lanterns, did a procession on the street around the kindy… while Ama and the Twin waited at the kindy.


Kids happy!