Monthly Archives: April 2009

Jern DIY Toy

Jern made a DIY toy with paper and asked Ama to guess what it is.

Jern: it’s a hand gun!

Where did he get the idea??

Sports Day 2009

It’s Sports Day at May’s kindy.

The whole Family went.

May performed for the ‘opening and closing ceremonies’.

Ama teamed up with May for one of the ‘sport’ events. Winning or losing was not a priority and the organizers were not very keen on enforcing the rules of each event.

In any case, May and Ama got a prize for the team effort.

May also got a medal for the event she competed in…

and Aba was roped in to give out prizes!*

* when May received hers medal from Aba, she said, ‘Thank you, uncle’!!!

Apparently, the children were all told by the teachers to say ‘thank you, uncle’ upon receiving their medals!