Monthly Archives: March 2010

Kids Are So Easy To Please!

After school, May excitedly told Ama: ‘I’ve something to show you!’.

It was a small block of modeling clay.

Apparently this was her ‘award’ for having brought >10cm thick of newspapers for the school’s recycling project.

May so happy!

WC9 Method

Chatting online…

Mrs : D’you know what’s the Shichita Method?

Ama: Yes.

Mrs : Oh, d’you use the Shichita Method to teach your children?

Ama: No, I use the WC9 Method.

Mrs : WC9 Method? What’s that?

Ama: hahahahahah…

(Apparently, not EVERYONE knows about WC9… need to do more marketing liao)

Note: WC9 = Wong Si Nai, Ama’s handle in the forum and the name of her e-shop.