Olympic Milestone?

After observing that the Twins’ diapers were ‘dry’ for the last couple of days, due to their diligence in requesting to be taken to the toilet as and when they needed to, Ama bought a bag-full of underpants for them…

For the whole of 1st day, the 2 little fellas were changing in and out of all the different new underpants!

They were so excited!

Even when Ama took them out, they had to carry their new underpants in a bag with them… as if they were afraid that one underpant might go missing.

After wearing, they refused to let Ama wash it for the same fear.

Finally, tonight, Ama allowed them to go to sleep in underpants, instead of diapers.

The Beijing Olympics 2008 starts this night as well… incidentally.