New Pets

So, The Family has a tradition of naming their pets…

May’s pet turtle is “Little Wong” (小黄)
The previous rabbit was Ivan
The Twins’ pet beetle was “Little Bee” etc…

Ama : Guess what? Aba has bought an aquarium!

Kids: *excited chattering*

Ama: 80 fishes!

Kids: *dumbfounded* OH NO!!!! How are we going to come up with 80 names… how do we keep track of who is who… how…

Ama: *lol*

One thought on “New Pets

  1. wc9

    fb 网友留言:

    Shanne Yap Voon Fun

    Gene HS
    oh yay~咸水淡水?:P

    Dick Teh
    Tattoo their name on them
    But they might die…. Name tag, maybe?

    Yin Sin Puah

    Mulan Ang

    Loi Qiao Juan
    XD ….

    Yen Lin
    Shanne Yap Voon Fun, 几乎都是小到看不清楚样子的小鱼来的
    Gene HS, 淡水
    Dick Teh, want to lend the kids your hand?
    Yin Sin Puah, 鱼缸不大,鱼非常小而已 XD
    Mulan Ang, 挤不出中文 =.=!

    Mulan Ang

    Wee Fang


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