Harvest Day

Today, May ‘harvested’ her farming labour of the last 2 weeks – spring onion sprouts! 

Ama used the sprouts to sprinkle on top of fried rice with egg and May was extra happy and excited about the meal. 

May to Twins, “Little brothers! You must finish eating all of it – or I won’t let you eat MY onion sprouts in the future!”

Later, “You must behave or I won’t let you eat MY onion sprouts!”

— Side note — 

Ama’s little chilli have also been harvested and used to cook chilli chicken. 

2 thoughts on “Harvest Day

  1. jacss

    hi ama…..first time here! Like yr posts, short & precise yet interesting!

    u mean u harvested those spring onion & chillies at your home garden? i’m also looking into planting my own chilli padi coz i can’t survive a meal without it……..any tips?

    btw, would u be joining d twins festival? Go support lar…….

  2. wong

    Jacss, Tip?! delegate the ‘responsibility’ to kid… coz they will ‘forget to eat’ but won’t ‘forget to water plants’ huh. 😉

    Probably going to Twins Festival. and you??


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