Hectic Experience!

The Kids were a little under the weather, as was Aba, so the Family didn’t go out in the day on Hari Kemerdekaan. 

Near evening, the Family went to Megamall for dinner (Chicken Rice Shop). The Twins had insisted on NOT using the stroller, so Aba and Ama gave it a try. 

The HomeDec Exhibition was going on, so the Family went for a look… 

They were quite a handful, but manageable. 

3 kids running around the expo at the same time was a hectic experience! 

3 thoughts on “Hectic Experience!

  1. eveのmum

    next time u have to use your leg too… to control the kids…haha !
    it’s not important where to go, what to eat… it’s who we get together!
    happy Wong Family always huh ~^^


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